Kubfu is the star of the new expansion of Pokémon Sword and Shield

A week ago, Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor development presented a lot of cool new highlights to Nintendo’s most recent monster hunting/gathering game. A few hits incorporate the reality Pokémon that tail you (Gen IV-style) and a couple of delectably snarky rivals. Yet, the genuine superstar is a roundhouse-kicking bear named Kubfu.

You get Kubfu about halfway through the Isle of Armor extension. At the point when you appear at the Master Dojo, Dojo Master Mustard gets you through three preliminaries. Complete those (they’re as direct as Pokémon errands get) and Mustard will give you a level-10 Kubfu.

From that point forward, you need to develop your Affection bond with the little fella. Long-term players will comprehend what that implies, however, for newcomers, you essentially simply need to level it up a piece and keep it in the top space of your party. In a dissimilarity from arrangement equation, however, it additionally implies making a beeline for different touring spots around the Isle of Armor, where you’ll take in the sights and for the most part simply be best buds.

In any event, when there’s very little to see, Kubfu has a ton of fun:

When you and Kubfu are thick as thieves, first, aww. Second, you’ll need to handle a last test by climbing—and overcoming the entirety of the mentors inside—one of two towers: the Tower of Darkness or the Tower of Waters. Whichever one you don’t pick will be shut off for good. Whichever one you do pick will direct which of Kubfu’s two advancements you get. The game prescribes that you train it up to level 70 preceding visiting the Tower, yet that is not actually important. Some place in the mid-60s or so should suffice.

A few players recommend chasing down wild Chansey to fight for extremely quick granulating. These pink underhandedness egg monsters give an amazing measure of experience focuses upon rout and are powerless to Kubfu’s battling type moves, so it’s a sound methodology. It’s not the one they took.

They discovered achievement pursuing down Sharpedo in the Workout Sea. Crushing a Sharpedo awards a tolerable EXP support. They’re additionally all over. Truly, while comforting a recently single companion, you should utilize the expression, “Plenty of Sharpedo in the sea.” While riding the Workout Sea, they spring up, they kid you not, at regular intervals.

Furthermore, Sharpedo awards two exertion esteem focuses for the assault detail. Preparing only on Sharpedo will send your Kubfu’s assault detail into the stratosphere—something that will assist you with handling the Tower you picked.

The initial four adversaries are complete weaklings. At the top, you go head to head against Mustard. Without ruining his Pokémon, I’ll simply state this: Make sure your Kubfu has Detect and Aerial Ace in its moveset. What’s more, open up the fight with Detect.

When you rout Mustard, your Kubfu will advance into Urshifu. The individuals who complete the Tower of Waters will wind up with Rapid Strike Urshifu, a water-battling type Pokémon with five shortcomings. Champions of the Tower of Darkness get the battling dim sort Single Strike Urshifu, who has only two shortcomings (however is, to be reasonable, extra powerless to fairy-type moves).

At any rate it’s a mammoth. Fast Strike Urshifu learns the water-type move Surging Strikes, which has an intensity of 25 and hits threefold in succession. Single Strike Urshifu are honored with Wicked Blow, a dim kind move with an intensity of 80. The two moves bring about a basic hit. Outside of that, other than some learnable assaults through specialized machines, there’s very little light between the two structures. As indicated by the comprehensive exploration over at Serebii, Urshifu’s base details are the equivalent for the two structures.

New Urshifu might be an ace of hand to hand fighting—a relentless mass of a hold on for executioner details and a significantly more executioner moveset. Their rivals fall down at its savagery and unstoppable quality. Triumph is everything except an assurance.

Cool. miss Kubfu.

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